EHS Excellence

EHS Mission Statement:  “At HHEX, we responsibly develop natural gas resources while serving as stewards of the communities where we operate.  HHEX prioritizes the environment and public health and safety, while continuously striving for operational excellence.  As industry leaders, HHEX commits to being safe, clean, and compliant, and to acting with integrity in all facets of our business.  We recognize and welcome our responsibility to serve all stakeholders in the communities where we plan to operate for the next 100 years.  #HHEXcellence”

Natural Exploration

Huntley & Huntley is a privately-owned oil and natural gas exploration and production company with interests in several hydrocarbon basins throughout the United States.
  • Principles of Safety

    Maintain processes, procedures and programs with the goal of achieving a zero incidents workplace

  • Protection of the Environment

    Operate in a manner that protects personnel, the public, the environment, and company assets, while complying with applicable laws and regulations,

  • Safe, Clean, and Compliant Operations

    HHEX believes that Safe, Clean, and Compliant Operations are a critical part of our overall performance.

At HHEX our operating principles are:

  • We look after each other; so that no one gets hurt
  • We are good stewards of the environment
  • We operate to maximize shareholder value
  • We identify, prioritize and manage risk
  • We understand and comply with all regulations and company policies
  • We are one team
  • We prioritize and plan our work
  • We trust and respect each other
  • We encourage broad input and open debate when making decisions
  • We implement ‘as designed’
  • We utilize metrics and key performance indicators
  • We utilize collaboration technologies to communicate efficiently and effectively
  • We recognize and celebrate achievements


Huntley & Huntley Energy Exploration, LLC

501 Technology Drive Suite 1200 Canonsburg, PA 15317

Main Office Phone #:  724-754-0110
Toll Free #:  1-877-808-4811

HHEX 24 Hour Emergency
Contact Number #
:  412-357-4100
If this is an emergency, please dial 911